Doug has been in the digital business since the beginning of the professional market back in 1990. He has a degree in photography as well as a secondary degree in print production from Florida A&M University. To date, Doug has been a professional commercial photographer, worked in the pre-press industry for a number of years, still sits as an advisory board for two university and recently left an 11 year position as the head of technical support and training for a major Chicago based retailer. During his tenure he has taught at several universities, conducted numerous workshops on color management and workflow, as well as supported all facets of capture, display and output devices.

Currently he is partner-owner of ProGear Rental a Chicago based company that specializes in high-end photographic equipment and studio rental as well as Pro Gear Orlando a Orlando based Photographic rental company.  He also owns Waterside Digital in Merritt Island, FL which concentrates on providing technical support for digital imaging which includes workflow, color management, output and digital asset management.

Doug also conducts seminars and teaches classes on Capture One Pro 8 software by Phase One.